The Vintage Motor Cycle Club – VMCC – is (probably) the biggest classic/vintage motorcycle club in the world, with over 15,000 members. At Endurance Legends, it's running a 'try a bike' event. Anyone can come along and have a ride on one of our vintage or classic machines, under expert guidance. 
The VMCC is a broad church these days, covering every powered two-wheeler from the very first pioneer flat-tankers of the 1900s to Japanese superbikes of the early 1990s, but it wasn't always like that. It was formed in 1946, when a group of enthusiasts led by Titch Allen (himself a bit of a legend) met at a hotel on the Hog's Back, just off the A31. Back then, pre-1920 bikes were in danger of dying out, not the collectors' pieces they are now, and the VMCC was formed to keep this motorcycling history alive. 
From the start, the idea behind the VMCC was not just for like-minded people appreciate the engineering skills and vision that went into pioneer machines. These bikes weren't designed to be lifeless exhibits preserved in a museum – they were built to be ridden, and that's what the VMCC is dedicated to doing, to ensure that a new generation can see and experience older motorcycles in action. 
You can see this philosophy at our events all year round, all over the country, as over 70 local sections organise local and long-distance rides plus the occasional week away. Sometimes there's a competitive element, sometimes it's just a ride to the local pub or tea shop for a natter, but there are always friendly people and a huge variety of bikes – cyclemotors and single-speed flat-tankers; a Gold Star might rub shoulders with a Honda 400/4, a Triumph twin with a Ducati single. 
Come and see us at the Melbourne Loop at Endurance Legends and have a go – the VMCC is all about keeping classic and vintage motorcycles alive and riding! 
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