Welcome to Aprilia Performance 
We are a small company consisting only of massive bike fans! With 40 plus years of experience between us all, there isn’t much we haven’t seen or had to handle over the years. 
The majority of our experience is with “modern” and “modern classic” Japanese motorcycles and of course the main core of our business; Aprilia motorcycles. 
We are specialist in road and race bikes with servicing and repairs being the mainstay of our daily work, although we also have quality experience with race bikes and suspension set up to suit the rider and the circumstances. 
We take our company out on the road on our “tour dates”, where we actively encourage bike owners to gather at regional venues where we carry out the work they require to our exacting and professional standards - all whilst they watch with cup of tea and a bacon sandwich! 
We are supporting Rob & Darin at Classic Bike Trackdays again for 2015 as we have done every year since the very beginning, and now their new venture; Endurance Legends, as we believe strongly in the work that they do, the passion that they employ and the professionalism that they display. The era of bike that qualifies to be used on these events is exactly the kind of bikes we grew up with, repaired and serviced as technicians learning our trade, and continue to enjoy doing so today. 
We’ll be with you all at the tracks and offering the services of a time served and qualified technician with his comprehensive toolkit, for a reasonable charge, who understands you, the bike you’re riding and what you want and need from your bike. Suspension set ups, technical advice and repairs will be available on a first come first served basis, but we can always be flexible as long as it agreeable by all parties. 
If you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at the shop 01827 285500 or contact the member of staff in the paddock at any CBT events, or alternatively please feel free to contact us via email: service@apriliaperformance.co.uk 
Thankyou for supporting us and we hope you have a great time with us at Aprilia Performance, Classic Bike Trackdays & now Endurance Legends too, and we look forward to meeting you at all the events! 
Griff Woolley 
Visit our webiste for more details: apriliaperformance.co.uk 

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